Irrigation Services


Landscape Lubbock irrigation service provides personal consultation, design and installation of quality irrigation sprinkler systems components that efficiently uses one of our most limited natural resources. A properly designed irrigation sprinkler system can address the different watering requirements for your yard and landscape.

An irrigation sprinkler system properly designed and installed by our irrigation sprinkler system experts can reduce waste and eliminate over watering while specifically addressing the needs of the plants and your home's foundation with NEW Technologies in spray heads and driplines.

The sprinklers we use are manufactured by leading manufacturers like Hunter and Rainbird.  The system is fully automatic and is equipped with a very user friendly multi-functional timer. 

To enhance the quality, reliability and durability of your automatic irrigation system, Our Commitment To Excellence Program consists of careful planning, product selection, installation, and leading customer service!

Click on this link: Lubbock Water Restrictions to learn how to save money and water with your new irrigation system.